Everyone is well aware of most things regarding COVID19 and how it poses a direct threat to our civilization. What further worsens the fear among all of us is the LACK of the availability of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies to meet this sudden demand. We need to protect our First Responders, Essential Workers, Supply Chain Workers, Truck Drivers, Grocery Workers, but most importantly our entire Medical Staff as they face this immense challenge to save our lives.

With COVID19 easily transmitted through droplets in the air, masks have become a paramount defense and prevention mechanism for all of us at the same time. This has created huge surge in mask demands suddenly and abruptly. Soon we will have more and more cities and counties require each person wearing masks to go out in public which will further enhance the urgent need of the mask supply line.

We, at Leadermask, are committed to do our part to meet challenges head-on. That’s why we have created the PPE  Task force here. Our PPT team (PPE Power Taskforce) consists of sourcing, quality control, R&D and Testing Team, Logistics & supply chain, sales, finance and support . We are working 24x7 – we have people on ground qualifying prudent and approved manufacturers and we are actively securing quality PPE Inventory to help meet this demand.   

We also welcome local dealers to cooperate with. For purchasing of large quantities, please email to us: service@leadermask.com